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Island Beach Birthday Party Idea

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Planning a birthday party for a friend or family member in Tampa, FL? Look no further than Windsong Boat Rentals!

Sweet sixteen party idea? Kids and adults alike LOVE the island! Treat yourself to a beach birthday party on one of our beautiful islands. It's inexpensive, fun, and very Florida!

Drive a rental pontoon out to the island. You can bring your own chairs, coolers, food and drinks, party, swim, go crazy!! You can grill out, bringing your own food, or have us cater your birthday party. It's up to you!

If you don't have the equipment, no problem. We rent beach chairs, fishing tackle, coolers, you name it, we've got it. You can choose to do a half day birthday party, a full day birthday party or even an OVERNIGHT birthday party! Party till you drop and sleep under the stars on a gorgeous soft beach. Bonfires are allowed on the island, so you can bring firewood.

Passengers drinking on the boat is permitted, drinking is allowed on the boats for those of legal age who are not driving at the time. You may bring your own drinks of any type. We have coolers for $5 each which includes 15 lbs of ice.

REMEMBER: Whomever is driving the boat MUST by Florida State Law have a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or less. Driving a boat under the influence carries the same penalty as driving a car. You get a DUI and they take your drivers' license away!

If you don't have a designated driver, you can hire a captain to drive the boat for you, or you can camp out for the night and drive home sober in the morning!

Have fun, but be safe! We recommend that beers be in cans and not bottles for your own safety.


Birthday  Party Idea

Swim, of course, in summer the water can get up to 90 degrees and it's crystal clear on a pristine white beach
Snorkel, bring your own or rent from us
Pick up shells to take home
Hang out in a beach chair and watch the people go by
Grill your favorite meats and have a picnic
Play games, such as beach volleyball, football, or cornhole
Camp out for the night, build a fire and see the stars
Bring a rod and go fishing
Kids can build sand castles and play with the sea critters
Float around in a blow up chair or tube
Smell the fresh ocean breeze
Watch the antics of other boaters

How Much Does it Cost?

Rent a Boat for Birthday Party

The Cost of the Boat
Depending on the size of your party, rentals on our boats start at $150 for a half day, $250 for a full day and $300 for an overnight camping birthday party. Bigger birthday parties might need more than one boat.

Our smallest boat can take 6-8 guys, our largest boat can take 12 guys, depending on weight of people and equipment.

The it simply depends on what extras you want to add, such as a captain or a beach BBQ.



How Much Does Hiring a Captain Cost?

Captained Boat Special

Worried about getting lost, or not finding the really cool places to go? Worried you might damage the rental boat by running aground or crashing into something? Hire an experienced and licensed local captain to join you on board to run the boat for you. He/she can show you the cool snorkel places and guide you exactly on where to go and how to be safe out on the water.
All of these captains are US Coast Guard licensed. Captains are private contractors and you need to pay them directly, in cash. If you have contracted a boat for a certain period of time (such as 4 hours) but decide to return early, YOU STILL PAY THE CAPTAIN THE FULL AMOUNT FOR THE CONTRACTED PERIOD.

IF YOU HIRE A CAPTAIN YOU ARE ABSOLVED OF YOUR LIABILITY ON DRIVER DAMAGE TO THE BOAT! (this excludes any damage your party might cause). No need to worry about crashing into other boats or damaging the propeller. Your captain is responsible for this.

$25 per hour PLUS GRATUITY (minimum charge: $100) Tipping Guidelines here >>>
f you have 6 people or less we have a Captained Pontoon Special Package


Beach BBQ  Prices - minimum 6 people (no discount for less than 6)

* The BBQ prices DO NOT INCLUDE the mandatory Florida State Park Enrance and disposal fee of $5/person.

Steak and Chicken

All American BBQ - $350 for 6 people. Extra persons $30 per head*
Hamburgers and hot dogs cooked on the beach. Traditional all American fare, complete with sweet relish, ketchup and mustard. Choose TWO salads to accompany: potato, pasta, coleslaw, or green salad. Water and sodas included.

Steak and Chicken

Luxury Beach BBQ - $450 per 6 people. Extra persons $40 per head*
Choose any TWO of the following: Steak cooked to order (mooing, rare, medium rare, medium, medium well or burnt offering), marinated chicken breast, BBQ pork spare ribs, fish cooked in foil with onion, spices and butter - all smoked on a BBQ right on the beach. Choose TWO salads to accompany: potato, pasta, coleslaw, or green salad. Water and sodas included.

Surf and Turf

Elite Surf & Turf BBQ - $550 per 6 people. Extra persons $50 per head*
The ultimate in island fare! Surf and Turf! Filet Mignon and Garlic Butter Cooked Shrimp tenderly grilled and pampered by our chef. An optional creamy mushroom sauce ($10 Extra) is offered for your Filet Mignon and choice of TWO salads to accompany: potato, pasta, coleslaw, or green salad. Water and sodas included.

Surf and Turf

What a great hors d'oeuvre on the beach to add to either the Luxury BBQ or the All American BBQ!

This is already included in Elite Surf and Turf Menu.

Optional Extras

BBQ Music Rental

Beach Music - $25
We will bring our Mega Music Sound Box to the beach for you. This box puts out a REALLY great base sound. Bring your own iPod, MP3 player or phone to listen to your own music - the box has bluetooth as well as headphone input. Or listen to our selection of music, everything from Jimmy Buffet to high energy dance music, 70s classic rock, country, easy listening, love songs and more. Only $25 to add music to your Beach BBQ!

Kayak Rental

Paddle Craft Special - $45
Add any kayak or paddle board to your beach BBQ for only $45 for the full day. Your paddle craft will be waiting for you on the island!

Fishing Rod Rental

Fishing Rod Rental - $7.00
Tackle Box Rental - $7.00

Fish Finder Rental

8 oz bag - $4.00
Choice of Shrimp, Squid or Fish Chunks. One of each $10.

Cooler Rental

Cooler - $5.00
Includes FREE Ice

Beach Chair Rental

Folding Beach Chair - $5.00

Snorkel Renta;

Snorkel Gear - $7.00
Includes Mask, Fins and Snorkel

Windsong T-Shirt

T-Shirts - $12.00
Tank Tops - $9.00
Can Koozies - $2.00

Porta Potti

Add a Porta Potti to any boat for $50.
This includes completely cleaning and sanitizing it. You just walk away.
Not all boats have privacy areas, in which case we will provide you with a pop up privacy tent. Includes paper and hand sanitizer.
The staff member who sanitizes the potti actually gets half the fee as he/she had to deal with your you-know-what!

Fish Finder

Add a Fish Finder to any boat for $15.
This is a portable Fish Finder which includes floating transducer and batteries.
If you booked a 20 or 22 foot Fun 'N Fish Pontoon Boat then the Fish Finder is included on your rental. If you booked any other boat you can add one for $15.


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